Five Ways A Lawyer Can Help You If You’ve Been Charged With A Sex Crime

In the trying times we live in, accusations of sexual assault or sex crimes can’t and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, accusations of sexual assault are coming to light and folks who have committed atrocities are being held accountable. In fact, a 2010 Violence Against Women report found that false sexual assault allegations make up between 2-10% of reported claims, so that means there’s a large amount of allegation that are true.

When it comes to sex crimes, the numbers are staggering. In fact, approximately 80,000 Americans are arrested annually for soliciting sex.

Any allegation of a sex crime should be investigated thoroughly. If anyone is accused of or charged with a sex crime, they are likely going to need good legal representation in the form of a sex crimes defense lawyer.

When it comes to any time of sex crime, being accused of them or having them brought against you can be a very trying experience and you may wonder how the hec Continue reading

Do You Need To Apply For Interstate Custody Disputes? Consider Talking To A Lawyer First

Getting divorced is a process that never seems to stop spinning. If it’s not one thing tripping you up legally, it’s always another.

Family members who haven’t decided on who gets what. Child custody hearings that keep getting pushed back to later dates. When you’re just trying to move on with your life, every new blow feels worse than the one before. A divorce attorney at your local law firm, however, can help weather some of these blows with you. Able to provide you a nuanced perspective on the legal landscape, they’re more than able to get those divorce papers out of the way for good.

What are the rates of divorce in the country? Which attorney can handle interstate custody disputes? Look at some of the most commonly asked questions below.

Why Isn’t Marriage As Common As It Used To Be?

You may have noticed fewer and fewer people tying the knot these days. This is thanks to a variety of socioeconomic factors that have shifted over the pa Continue reading

What You Should Know About Getting A Divorce

If you’ve been married or are married here in the United States, you are certainly not alone. After all, the majority of the adult population will, at some point in time, decide upon getting married. For many people, marriage is something that is done out of love. It can be a huge celebration of two people’s love for each other, but marriage can also be something that is done to make life easier. When partners marry, it is easier to balance a budget, pay taxes, get health insurance, and even have kids. There are many practical and romantic reasons for marriage, and most people who get married or who will soon be married are pursuing this path for a combination of the two.

Unfortunately, however, marriage does not always work out. In fact, divorce rates are quite high all throughout the United States. In total, up to half of all people who get married will ultimately choose to dissolve these marriages – and no less than 40% of all marriages will end in divorce, which is the very b Continue reading