Five Ways A Lawyer Can Help You If You’ve Been Charged With A Sex Crime

In the trying times we live in, accusations of sexual assault or sex crimes can’t and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, accusations of sexual assault are coming to light and folks who have committed atrocities are being held accountable. In fact, a 2010 Violence Against Women report found that false sexual assault allegations make up between 2-10% of reported claims, so that means there’s a large amount of allegation that are true.

When it comes to sex crimes, the numbers are staggering. In fact, approximately 80,000 Americans are arrested annually for soliciting sex.

Any allegation of a sex crime should be investigated thoroughly. If anyone is accused of or charged with a sex crime, they are likely going to need good legal representation in the form of a sex crimes defense lawyer.

When it comes to any time of sex crime, being accused of them or having them brought against you can be a very trying experience and you may wonder how the heck you’re going to protect yourself in court. You can self-represent in court, but a sex crimes defense lawyer is going to give you the proper legal representation you need. Whether you’re talking about sex crimes , federal crimes, white collar crimes or a whole host of other offenses, the legal process can be hard to navigate. With that in mind, a lawyer can help you navigate through the legal process and help you have your day in court.

For people who have been charged with a sex crime, here are five ways a sex crime attorney, sex crime lawyer or a sex crimes defense lawyer can benefit you: 

  • Penalty protection: A prosecutor can come down hard on an accused person with it comes to sex crimes, even if a person has been falsely accused. Sometimes it comes down to a person’s criminal history. Regardless of the situation, a sex crimes defense attorney who has experience with these kinds of crimes can help an accused person get acquitted and protect an unfairly accused person from an unfair sentence.

  • Experience in defense: One of the best benefits of having a sex crimes defense attorney in your corner is experience. These attorneys know everything there is to know about the situation you’re in, the ins-and-outs of criminal law and how they can help you. An experienced criminal attorney having experience is invaluable because he or she has built defenses cases likely hundreds of times for those facing sex crimes. A criminal defense attorney can examine the facts, evidence and circumstances of your case and give the legal boost you’re going to need to defend yourself.

  • Let them talk for you: A reputable sex crimes defense lawyer can do all the talking for you in court. This can be invaluable so that you’re not forced to testify against your will, make a choice you might regret or accidentally end up incriminating yourself. Having stellar legal counsel to go to bat for you helps make the whole process smoother and ensures that you’ll be taken care of while navigating the legal process rather than being stressed and accidentally implicating yourself.

  • Strategizing: Every case is different, even when it comes sex crimes. Since every case is different, even the most reputable lawyers have to come up with and prepare different defense strategies to help you. That’s where examining the circumstances of the case and providing the appropriate defense is invaluable. Based on the strategy prepared and the circumstances of the case, a lawyer will find the absolute best way to help you.
  • Saving time: Whether you’ve been a charged with a sex crime or something else, it can be stressful and it can take an awful lot of time to deal with. This is even more the case if you’ve been falsely accused or a crime. Having a strong lawyer can help save you time, cut down on the stress and overall just make the whole process easier for you.


Facing criminal charges of any kind can be stressful and even scary. Hiring the right attorney can cut down on the stress, help craft the right defense to represent you and give the needed legal representation you need for a very serious situation.

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