What is a Patent Lawyer and How do I get One?

Fun fact, the first ever patent law was used over 228 years ago. Which means that patent laws have come a long long way in nearly 230 years. However, you may be wondering: what is a patent lawyer and do I need one? “Patent Lawyer Near Me” is the third most popular google search using the keywords Patent Lawyer. So in order to know if you need a patent lawyer, you need to know a few things about a patent.

A patent is a government issued license or an authority that grants the rights or title for a specific period of time, especially the lone rights that prevent another from using, selling, or selling a concept or invention. There is of course a process that is necessary to obtain a patent. To go even more in depth into patent law, you need to know which type of patent you’re dealing with. There are 4 types of patents: utility, design, plant, and software. A utility patent is what you typically think of when you hear the word patent- it protects a creation that serves a specific function. Design has more to do with non-functional parts of the item like a unique shape for example. A plant patent is literally for plants, when a new plant is discovered, it is typically patented. Then of course a software patent protects well… software.

There are a few reasons why you might want to pursue a patent. One being, to gain recognition. Many people pursue a patent so that their name will be attached to it. This adds glory and fame to their hopefully amazing product. Mostly though, people get a patent for wealth purposes. It is also used for protection. If another party or person (s) uses, steals, or tries to sell your product, you have the legal right to sue them under patent infringement. Intellectual property issues can be ugly. Thankfully there are ways to start the protection process before getting a patent. The number one way to protect your creation is to have a confidentiality agreement this protects your idea through every one of its phases.

So back to the whole “patent lawyer near me” search inquiry. If your invention has come to completion, and you’re not sure what to do next, it is time to contact a patent lawyer. A patent lawyer can help you make sure that no one else currently holds a patent. A patent attorney can also help you determine if your idea/ creation is fully developed. There is a lot to consider when deciding to pursue your patent. Contact your local intellectual property litigation professional to help you through every step of the process! How do you find some local help, jump on the internet and search: patent lawyer near me.

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