Do Not Ignore a Workplace Injury Get What You Are Owed

When you are dealing with a work place injury, what does it take to get the compensation you deserve? While your case may seem straight forward, is it? Suffering from an injury while on the job requires that a liability claim, otherwise known as a workers compensation claim, is processed. You should also receive benefits in which you are entitled. Maybe this process didn’t go smoothly, or you have a unique case. There are many aspects that can cause a disruption in your life after being injured on the job. It is time to turn to the “go to guys”, your legal advocates for legal advice and help.

According to the United States Department of Labor, trips, falls and slips make up the bulk of accidents in general industries. This accounts for 15% of accidental deaths annualy, the second-leading cause being motor vehicles. That’s a lot of workers’ compensation cases. While most instances tend to be straight-forward, there are times employees do not receive the compensation they d Continue reading

Protect Yourself with Legal Representation During a Child Custody Battle

When it comes to divorce rates, Louisiana is the fourth highest state for divorce in the U.S., with 20.8 divorces out of 1000 marriages in 2016. Children were more than likely involved with those divorces leaving parents to fight for custody. There is no simple divorce or child custody battle. You need guidance in the form of legal representation to protect your rights as a parent.

Disputes for child custody require custody agreements. You want to make sure that those arrangements are fair for everyone involved. A lot of times a custody hearing is required. This falls under family law. Legal representation makes sure that you and your family reach a better place in terms of custody battles.

Do You Feel Stuck in an Impossible Child Custody Disagreement?

When you feel stuck in an impossible custody disagreement you need a child custody lawyer to help navigate the legal system. It stands to reason that neither side wants to compromise, so you need help Continue reading

How to Prepare for a Custody Battle

Custody battles aren’t something that anyone looks forward to, but it is often part of the divorce process for families with children. Child custody becomes an issue even in the most civil of divorces and preparing for the court proceedings can be incredibly overwhelming. However, there are some steps you can take to be better prepared and help the process move along as smoothly as possible.

Custody Evaluation Help

A good place to start is seeking out custody evaluation help. It is the courts duty to decide if the parents are fit to have their children and if custody should be split or given to one parent. This means that they have to perform thorough evaluations to get a strong idea of the life the child would have with each parent.

Reaching out to a child custody attorney can help you in this process. They can tell you what will be evaluated and what steps you may need to take to h Continue reading