Criminal Defense Attorney Cases From Driving While Distracted to Prostitution-Related Offenses

There are a variety of situations where someone may require or otherwise benefit from the services of a criminal defense attorney. One of these pertains to being arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII). Another situation involves prostitution-related offenses. While there are other types of cases criminal defense attorneys handle, these are common ones.

Driving While Distracted

When drivers use their cell phones or manipulate electronic devices, this can contribute to or cause accidents. Throughout the day, about 660,000 American drivers engage in these behaviors when they should be paying attention to the road. While there are other behaviors that would qualify as distracted driving, these two are quite prevalent.

Driving While Drunk or Under the Influence of Illicit Drugs

People drive drunk on a daily basis. Less than 4,000 of the 300,000 individuals that choose to do so are arrested, however. When considering the average drunk driver, it usually takes them driving drunk 80 times before they are arrested for the first time.

It’s important to note that drivers under the age of 21 have been responsible for a substantial percentage of fatal alcohol-related accidents. This amounts to ten percent of these young drivers being responsible for 17% of the total number of fatal crashes.

The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for drivers does vary from state-to-state. Oregon, for example, has a BAC of .08. It is prohibited for a driver to operate their motor vehicle with a BAC level of .08 or higher.

When drivers operate their vehicles while under the influence of prescription or illicit drugs, this can also contribute to causing accidents. A 2012 report indicated that 10.3 million people drove their vehicles while under the influence of an illicit drug during 2011. More recent reports indicate that this is a growing concern.

Participation in Prostitution-Related Offenses

Arrests are made every year for soliciting sex. This amounts to roughly 80,000 American citizens being arrested for allegedly committing this crime. A recent nationwide sting was conducted, which resulted in 1,000 arrests being made. Online prostitution ads contributed to making approximately two-fifths of these arrests.

Department of Justice data from 2010 reveals a significant amount of arrests. According to their records, over 43,000 women were arrested for offenses related to prostitution. Fewer men, which includes johns, pimps, and male sex workers, were arrested at that time. This amounted to slightly more than 19,000 men.

The classifications and punishments for being arrested for a prostitution-related offense vary from state-to-state as well. If someone is arrested for prostitution and solicitation in Oregon, for example, this is considered to be a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted, this can lead to as much as a year in prison along with a fine up to $6,250.00

In the event that someone is charged with promoting prostitution in Oregon, it is considered to be a Class C felony. If convicted, an individual will spend five years in prison and need to pay as much as $125,000.00 in fines.

Schedule a Consultation With an Attorney

If you are facing a legal situation, it’s important to contact a criminal defense attorney at your earliest convenience. Whether you need to consult with a DUI attorney or a DUII attorney, they will be able to review your case and discuss your situation in detail. In addition to a DUI attorney, you may need to speak with an attorney that handles prostitution-related offenses. Furthermore, once you decide to have a DUI attorney or an attorney with experience in another represent you, they will be there to advise and assist you throughout the entire process.

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