Facebook Causes Rifts in Marriages

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Too much time on Facebook may result in divorce, experts say. Eighty percent of family divorce lawyers have noticed a significant increase in mentions of Facebook during proceedings, ABC News reports. New research suggests that the social media giant is not only making more appearances in court; it may also be at the heart of marital problems.

Is Facebook Causing Rifts in Marriages?

Facebook may facilitate cheating. Inappropriate messages and/or posts on social media may also foster feelings of jealousy or contempt, ABC News adds. A growing number of spouses are using Facebook as a means to cheat, multiple sources say. “Individuals who use Facebook excessive Continue reading

Divorcing Couples Want to Know Who Gets the Pets?

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Custody battles are not just about children. According to the National Pet Owners Survey, 71.1 million American households include at least one cat or dog — and that creates problems when couples divorce. In fact, a surprising number of people are much more willing to part with an ex-spouse than with their beloved pets. “The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers conducted a poll of 1,500 members and nearly a quarter said they had noticed an increase in custody issues of pets. Judges have had to determine not only who gets the dog but whether one party has the right even to see the dog after the marriage breaks up,” The Huffington Post reports.

Will You Get Fluffy? How Courts Decide

If advice from an Continue reading