How to Prepare for a Custody Battle

Custody battles aren’t something that anyone looks forward to, but it is often part of the divorce process for families with children. Child custody becomes an issue even in the most civil of divorces and preparing for the court proceedings can be incredibly overwhelming. However, there are some steps you can take to be better prepared and help the process move along as smoothly as possible.

Custody Evaluation Help

A good place to start is seeking out custody evaluation help. It is the courts duty to decide if the parents are fit to have their children and if custody should be split or given to one parent. This means that they have to perform thorough evaluations to get a strong idea of the life the child would have with each parent.

Reaching out to a child custody attorney can help you in this process. They can tell you what will be evaluated and what steps you may need to take to h Continue reading

Three Things to Do to Prepare for a Divorce

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Divorce is one of those things that you assume will only happen to other people, until it happens to you. Part of getting married to begin with is the assumption that the relationship isn’t going to end, which makes divorce that much more difficult. There are a number of things that must be dealt with in a divorce, and nut just the relationship itself — there are assets, children, and other things to worry about. It can be tough to be fully prepared for a divorce, but here are a few things to keep in mind to get you started.

1. Take an Inventory.
Part of the divorce process is the splitting up of assets. This can include financial holdings like checking and savings accounts, as well as real estate, and belongings. One of the first things you should do if you kn Continue reading

More Divorcing Couples Fighting Over the Pets

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Divorcing couples are surprising family and divorce courts with bitter custody battles. The custody battles, however, are not over children. A growing number of couples cannot agree who gets the pets, or whether ex-partners should be able to continue visiting them. “Nearly a quarter [of family law attorneys] said they had noticed an increase in custody issues of pets,” The Huffington Post reports.

Courts Fed Up With Pet Custody Battles

In the past, family law divorce courts have not been patient with disputes over pets. A 1995 Florida court ruling stated, “Determinations as to custody and visitation [of pets] lead to continuing enforcement and supervision problems. … Our courts are overwhelmed with the supervision of custody, visitation, and support ma Continue reading