Taking A Closer Look At Car Accidents In the United States

There is certainly no doubt about it that car accidents are far too prevalent here in the United States. In fact, it’s estimated that up to six million of them will occur each and every year, unfortunately resulting in up to three thousand injuries and more than thirty thousand deaths. These car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents have many causes and while some of them are difficult to prevent, such as in cases of inclement and severe weather, many are largely very preventable. It is because of distracted driving, driving while under the influence, and speeding, in fact, that cause the vast majority of car accidents here in the United States – and all of these things fall under that latter category of preventable motor vehicle accidents, as any personal injury lawyer can tell you.

And as any car accident lawyer will be able to attest to all too clearly, the aftermath of these accidents is all too often tragic. A car accident lawyer is likely to have seen a number of cases where the victim has survived the car accident – but has been left with life altering consequences. In fact, up to thirty five percent of all of the spinal cord injuries that are sustained throughout the United States will occur in car accidents and various other motor vehicle accidents and, more frequently than not, spinal cord injuries result in death or paralysis, if the victim is lucky.

When this is the case, the victim’s life will change immensely. In many cases, they are no longer capable of living independently and must rely on full time caretakers for an indefinite period of time, if not simply for the rest of their lives. In addition to this, the medical fees, from hospital costs to rehabilitation costs, are likely to be astronomical, and many of these patents will seek out a lawyer to help them get settlement money to compensate for these incredibly high costs. If a lawyer is fluent in the world of personal injury and car accidents alike, said lawyer is likely to be able to get the victim of such an accident the personal injury claim money that they need – and that they deserve.

But what are the causes of these preventable car accidents that would necessitate a lawyer to help you get settlement money from? Drunk driving is one such cause, to name just one example, as lawyers are all too aware of, especially the lawyer that specializes in car accidents and personal injury cases. In fact, drunk driving is so very prevalent that it is estimated that up to three hundred thousand people will get behind the wheel while drunk over the course of just one single day here in the United States, which is a huge amount by just about any standards. In addition to this, only around four thousand of said drunk drivers will actually end up being arrested, leaving the rest of them on the road to continue to pose a threat – as they likely will, as most drunk drivers who are not caught will get behind the wheel while intoxicated again, if not even on a very regular basis.

And the cost of drunk driving is a particularly high one. Each and every day, it’s estimated that around twenty eight people are killed as a direct consequence of drunk driving. In addition to this, it has been found that a new person is injured in a drunk driving related incident for every two minutes that pass, no matter what time of the day or the night it might be. And drunk driving is not the only dangerous way to drive – driving under the influence of a drug that is not alcohol causes more than fifteen percent of all car accidents seen here in the United States.

Of course, drunk driving is not the only danger on the road. Distracted driving has also soared in prevalence here in the United States, with more than six hundred thousand people looking at their phones while driving at any given point of the day, a problem every lawyer has seen.

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