Lawyers and Injury

It is an unfortunate truth that people will sometimes become injured or even killed on American roads in car crashes or injured at the workplace, and lawyers and attorneys are on hand to legally represent the injured party and the defendants alike. An injury lawyer may be called upon when a person is injured in a car crash (especially if the other motorist was intoxicated or on drugs), or if a blue collar worker was injured on the job, such as a construction worker or a miner. Sometimes, a person may even be killed in such incidents, and in that case, a wrongful death lawsuit is bound to be brought up by the deceased’s family or other interested parties. A wrongful death lawsuit will usually require the aid of an attorney to settle the wrongful death case the way the prosecutors want. personal injury claims will work in a similar way, except the harmed party is alive to pursue litigation rather than having others act on their behalf. Sometimes, it is negligence of safety and behavior a Continue reading

Taking A Closer Look At Car Accidents In the United States

There is certainly no doubt about it that car accidents are far too prevalent here in the United States. In fact, it’s estimated that up to six million of them will occur each and every year, unfortunately resulting in up to three thousand injuries and more than thirty thousand deaths. These car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents have many causes and while some of them are difficult to prevent, such as in cases of inclement and severe weather, many are largely very preventable. It is because of distracted driving, driving while under the influence, and speeding, in fact, that cause the vast majority of car accidents here in the United States – and all of these things fall under that latter category of preventable motor vehicle accidents, as any personal injury lawyer can tell you.

And as any car accident lawyer will be able to attest to all too clearly, the aftermath of these accidents is all too often tragic. A Continue reading

Five Ways A DUI Attorney Can Help You

In 2016, the FBI estimated that there were more than 1.5 million arrests for drug law violations in the United States. Of those arrests, more than 80 percent of them were for possession of a controlled substance.
As if that isn’t enough, each day, people drive drunk almost 300,000 times, but fewer than 4,000 are arrested. In fact, an average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before their first arrest.

For those facing drug or alcohol charges, not knowing what steps to take may result in penalties and maybe even a jail sentence. It’s important to act quickly and do two things immediately.

  • Stay sober: Those facing drug charges are likely to be drug tested several times, so it’s in a person’s best interest to stay sober if they are facing a drug charge. Passing sobriety tests can help someone’s case, but it is also an important step in the addition recovery process.
  • Contact a lawyer: If someone is facing drug or alcohol charges Continue reading