3 Things you Probably Didn’t Think About when you got Arrested for a DUI

A DUI charge can wreck your life long after the embarrassing incident of getting pulled over and possibly getting arrested. On average a person will drive drunk a total of 80 times before they are ever arrested for it, and a whopping 300,000 people drive drunk each day. Out of these numbers only about 4,000 get arrested for it, but you could find yourself one of those unlucky few if you choose to drink then get behind the wheel. If you do find yourself arrested and charged with a DUI there are many ramifications that you may not even know about yet, and many reasons to search DUI attorneys in your area. Read below to see some other impacts that a DUI charge can have on your life, and how a DUI law firm could be able to help.


A DUI charge becomes part of your criminal history. This means any time a potential employer pulls your criminal background they will see it. This can pretty much mean you will be overlooked for any jobs where driving is a main part of your responsibilities. Some employers view someone with a DUI charge as a potential risk to the company, therefore they will overlook your application entirely.


Not only will your employer frown upon finding out about your charge, but your insurance company will as well. In fact they will probably raise your rates to show their dissatisfaction. The reason for this is because you are now a higher risk than you were before your charges and conviction. If this wasn’t your first offense then you risk loosing your insurance altogether and having a hard time finding other insurance. Speaking of other insurance, treat your current company nicely, because that charge could keep you from acquiring insurance from a new company for a while.


Not that you’ll be driving anywhere anytime soon, because you will most likely have your license suspended, but you will have to worry about your car. Chances are when you were arrested your car was impounded. You should have received information as to who has your vehicle, if not call local towing companies and ask. Once you find your car, you will have to pay fees for the towing, and fees for the towing company to hold your car. These fees increase every day, so it is best to try and get your car back as soon possible.

A DUI attorney can help with the issue of being arrested, but a DUI attorney can not make these repercussions disappear. Issues of how long your license is suspended, how many community service hours are needed, how long you will be on probation or even in jail are things that your DUI attorney will help you with. Driving under the influence is not safe, is costly and have lasting ramifications that can affect you for many many years if not the rest of your life.

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