6 Essential Steps To Take After A Car Accident

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The moments following a car accident can be frightening. But in the thick of the shock, it’s important to take responsible steps. By doing so, you can have the details together once you enter a case with personal injury attorneys. And since about 95-96% of all personal injury cases are settled pretrial, it’s best to have the necessary materials to argue your case. If you are in a vehicle accident, take the following steps to best prepare for your case.

Step 1: Get to safety.

Your personal safety is the most important factor following an accident. Get yourself out of harm’s way, perhaps out of the car. Perform an initial safety check. If you notice that anyone is unconscious, do not move them until emergency crews arrive.

Step 2: Call 911.

For all motor vehicle accidents, emergency crews should always be alerted. Call 911 and report the accident. The operator will send the appropriate emergency vehicles to the scene.

Step 3: Document the accident scene.

As you wait for the police to arrive, take photos of your car and the other driver’s car from all angles. Also be sure to capture a wider image. This is also a good time to collect the contact information of the other driver and all witnesses.

Step 4: Seek medical attention.

Once emergency crews arrive and police file an accident report, see a medical professional for any injuries. Even if you are not badly hurt, it is still wise to have an exam. Hold onto your medical records for your accident case.

Step 5: Call your insurance company.

Inform your insurance company of the accident so they can prepare for a claim. But before you agree to a settlement, be sure to inform an attorney.

Step 6: Hire a personal injury lawyer.

Contact a personal injury law firm to get a lawyer on your side. This professional can guide you through the legal process and ensure that you are taking all of the right steps. Personal injury attorneys will provide the best possible insight into your case and get you closer to receiving compensation.

While auto accidents can be overwhelming, organization is key. By keeping all details in line, you can help your case and hopefully receive coverage for your injuries.

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