4 Potential Signs You’ve Been Wrongfully Terminated

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Being fired is one of the most devastating things a person can go through. If it happens suddenly or after you’re suspecting it, a firing is an awful situation. However, there is hope that your firing might fall under what is called wrongful termination. Civil lawsuits, including wrongful termination cases, cost the United States economy nearly $239 billion a year. To put it simply, wrongful termination is when someone is fired for an unlawful reason. Here are four signs that you may have been wrongfully terminated.

  1. Fired After Reporting an Incident

    Part of being a great employee is reporting wrongdoing within a company. Unfortunately, not all businesses operate with ethics and integrity. Some employees can face wrongful termination for reporting wrongful activity. Unethical companies that get found out will be quick to accuse an employee of whistle blowing. A wrongful termination lawyer works with many cases where the term whistle blower is being thrown about. If you’ve reporting wrongdoing within a company, that isn’t something you should be fired over. A wrongful termination lawyer will help look at your claim to find out matters behind your firing.
  2. Firing Happened After Discussing Matter with Employees

    In many cases, you are required to sign agreements upon hire that prevent from sharing company information with outside sources. However, the case of suspecting retaliation after talking to fellow employees is another matter entirely. Someone can be up for firing if they’ve been talking too much and the managers have found out about it. No employee should ever feel like their position within a company is in jeopardy by talking to fellow workers. A work place needs to be an environment where workers are encouraged to communicate with each other.
  3. The Issue of Cause

    If you’ve been employed under a contract, it’s wise to read over it thoroughly. You may find that your contract includes that you must require a cause to be let go from a company. If a business attempts to wrongfully terminate you, needing to prove cause prevents this from happening. An attorney will help you look through documents you may have handy to find out if a cause has been established. Companies breaking the rule of having cause to fire an employee can find themselves in major legal trouble.
  4. Your Firing Happened for Discriminatory Reasons

    An employer must follow a strict set of rules when hiring, employing, and firing workers. Many instances of wrongful termination occur when an employee is let go for discriminatory reasons. The key to proving that wrongful termination has occurred is having the help of an attorney. An attorney will work to help find anything that can help prove you were the victim of discrimination. Employees can find that discrimination can occur for many reasons including those based on race, age, gender, and much more.

In closing, many people have to live with the unfortunate experience of a wrongful termination. It’s quite beneficial to enlist the help of a wrongful termination attorney. Statistics show that over half of all wrongful termination cases are won by the previous employee. You won’t be guaranteed to win any case in a court room. However, you stand the best chance of receiving the court room victory you deserve by having a lawyer in your corner. There are unfortunate but true incidents that occur where someone faces wrongful termination in the work place. Certain employees find they’re suspiciously fired immediately after witnessing or reporting an event. It’s essential that an employer is able to provide cause for your firing. It’s wise to have an attorney on your side after you feel a wrongful termination has taken place.