Three Reasons to Have a Personal Injury Attorney When Going to Court

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Anyone who has been involved in a personal injury would be wise to contact a personal injury lawyer. Personal injuries can occur from a variety of settings, from accidents in the workplace, to an auto accident. This can vary from being in a car to riding on a motorcycle, or even being in a workplace that is prone to accidents. Individuals who are employed in gas operations are over five times more likely to be at risk for death than other employees in various sectors. Here are three reasons why individuals should be equipped at court with a personal injury attorney.

Attorneys Can Help Individuals Reach a Settlement Sooner

Anyone who has gone to court knows that the process can drag out over a long period of time. Sometimes cases of personal injury can take months to settle. Although usually no more than 5% of cases related to personal injury go to trial, an auto accident attorney or personal injury attorney can help over 90% of their clients settle the case pretrial or out of court. This is a good thing, since it helps save on costs and allows the settlement to arrive sooner than it would in court.

For That That Drive Motorcycles, Having an Auto Accident Lawyer or Personal Injury Attorney Can Be Valuable

Motorcycles already get a bad reputation, due to the way they are portrayed in the media. However, not all motorcycle drivers are careless, and many follow the rules of the road religiously. Of course, accidents can happen. Those who are on motorcycles are more likely to be involved in a crash or have a bad accident, even if they are not at fault. As many as over 25% of motorcyclists are likely to die in a crash, since they do not have the vehicle body to protect them. For this reason, it is best to have a car accident lawyer who is aware of laws, and can help show how their client was following the rules of the road.

Personal Injury Attorneys Can Keep Clients Aware of How Their Case is Doing

Having a personal injury attorney can be invaluable, since they can keep clients aware of how the case is progressing, and if they are able to settle out of court. If it doesn?t look like the case will reach a settlement, the attorney can let the client know what to expect next, or what their other options are. This makes the process easier, and can help to minimize the time the client has to spend using the attorney?s services.

There are many reasons to consider the help of a personal injury attorney. They can keep clients informed and let them know how a case is going. They are also instrumental in settling cases out of court, and taking some of the pressure off their clients. Finally, for those that are more at risk for injury, such as driving a motorcycle or working a dangerous jobsite, having a personal injury lawyer can make a huge difference between winning and not winning a case.