Planning to Remarry? Obtain Legal Help from an Estate Planning Lawyer

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If you’re planning to divorce, have you considered having it mediated? Over 2/3 of the couples that chose this approach were satisfied with the process as well as the overall outcome. Divorce proceedings, on average, tend to take a year to finalize. Mediation may prove to expedite this process.

The average cost for a divorce ranges between $15,000 to $30,000. These costs will vary for several reasons, some of which may be unanticipated at the onset. Child custody, visitation rights, and child support may be presenting issues in a divorce case. Alimony and other issues such as dispersal of property, ,ay also be key issues that need to be addressed during these proceedings.

Most divorce cases, or 80% of them, are unilateral. When just 1 party wants the divorce, this can create a considerable amount of conflict as well as other legal issues. As a result, mediation may be recommended and prove to be the best course of action. It’s important to note that over 95% of divorce cases are able to be settled out-of-court, which can potentially lower the financial and emotional costs of finalizing a divorce.

If you’re planning to separate or divorce, were you aware that 20% of couples in their first marriage experience this after 5 years? Furthermore, the chances of these couples becoming divorced after 10 years is 33%. Currently, 10% of people in the United States are divorced, and 1.5 million children’s parents obtain a divorce on an annual basis.

Given that women head 40% of American households due to being the primary breadwinner, there may be hundreds of thousands of men that are eligible for, but don’t receive, alimony. If you’ve recently been divorced and this was the case with your spouse, it’s important to seek the counsel of an aggressive attorney to assist you with determining whether or not you are entitled to this support.

If you are recently divorced, do you have a will? If you are planning to remarry, it would be an excellent idea to have this important document drawn up as soon as possible. When you meet with an estate planning lawyer, they will be able to assist you with gathering the necessary documentation to complete this document. Furthermore, an estate planning lawyer will be able to provide you with counsel so that you are able to protect your current and future assets.

If you are considering a divorce or are in the process of finalizing your divorce, you will also want to consult with your estate planning lawyer. Since property division is usually an integral aspect of divorce proceedings and/or mediation, you want to ensure that your estate, if applicable, is handled in your best interests as well as for the best interests of your children.

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