Have You or A Loved One Been the Victim of a Car Accident?

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You wish you would have listened to the advice your friends and family gave you.
When your oldest daughter was the victim of a car accident during the last week of her first year in college, you were grateful that she appeared to be uninjured. You were disappointed that the can had been totaled, but you were grateful for her apparent health. Although the police officer on the scene encouraged her to get in the ambulance and go to the hospital to make sure that she was alright, your daughter insisted that she was fine. This is also what she told you when she made the phone call home from the scene of the accident that was caused by a careless driver who ran a red light.
You trusted her judgement and even when you had a close friend explain that he still thought your daughter should go in for a ro Continue reading

Planning to Remarry? Obtain Legal Help from an Estate Planning Lawyer

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If you’re planning to divorce, have you considered having it mediated? Over 2/3 of the couples that chose this approach were satisfied with the process as well as the overall outcome. Divorce proceedings, on average, tend to take a year to finalize. Mediation may prove to expedite this process.

The average cost for a divorce ranges between $15,000 to $30,000. These costs will vary for several reasons, some of which may be unanticipated at the onset. Child custody, visitation rights, and child support may be presenting issues in a divorce case. Alimony and other issues such as dispersal of property, ,ay also be key issues that need to be addressed during these proceedings.

Most divorce cases, or 80% of them, are unilateral. When just 1 party wants the divorce, this can create a considerable amount of con Continue reading

Arrested? Find the Highest Level of Legal Representation

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There are approximately 68 million people in the United States that have a criminal record. Every year, an estimated 10,000 individuals may be wrongfully convicted of a serious crime. As a result, innocent people have served roughly 3,944 years in prison.

While DNA evidence has overturned more than 300 convictions since 1989, these individuals have obviously lost more than their time and freedom. To begin with, it may be difficult to re-establish connections with family and friends. Then there are the potential challenges associated with returning to other aspects of their former lives such as schools, jobs, or careers.

Research has shown that throughout their lifetime, 1 in 4 women will be the victim of domestic violence. While the severity of these cases does vary, this type of violenc Continue reading