Injured on the Job? You May Have Legal Rights!

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Are you a construction worker that was injured on the job? You are probably very confused, angry, and unsure about what to do next. Sustaining an injury that affects your ability to work can be difficult to accept. It can be even more difficult when the cause of the injury was not your fault. You have probably done multiple searches for lawyers near me and came up with a large list. If you are hesitant to contact one of those lawyers near me search results, understand that this may be a very important step in protecting your future.

Injury on the job possibilities

Anytime you choose to work in a dangerous environment, you know that injury may be a possibility. Certain professions, including police officers, military, first responders, and construction workers all face some level of danger at work every day. However, you employer is also accepting that if something does happen to you on the job, that you will be protected. The legalities behind this, however, are not always cut and dry. It may be necessary to find lawyers to get the legal process started.

When you are searching for lawyers near me, you are likely to come up with a long list of possible legal representation. Finding a good attorney that is familiar with work related injuries and the legal process is important. It may even be helpful to choose an attorney that is familiar with your specific type and industry of injury. Injuries from falls claim more than one third of fatalities in construction, accounting for about 40% of all work related fatal falls in the United States. (Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Specific things to include in legal case

If you were injured on the job, at the fault of the employer, you are subject to more than your medical costs. Although your attorney will guide you on the specifics you can expect to receive, your legal claim should also include vehicle damages, future expected medical costs, childcare costs needed, and any other expense that was incurred from the injury.

You will also want to receive compensation for any lost work days, following the accident. The overall incidence rate of nonfatal occupational injury and illness causes requiring days away from work to recuperate was 107.1 cases per 10,000 full time workers in 2014. (Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). You will also want to include any legal costs associated with the case. You have a right to choose your own attorney from the lawyers near me list and these costs should also be covered.

Length of trial estimated

Many people are surprised to learn how lengthy the legal process can be. One simple case, such as a workman?s compensation or work related injury case can go on for many months, sometimes years. The median time from filing to disposition for civil cases was 8.5 months, up from 7.8 months in 2012. (US Courts). This number, unfortunately, continues to increase. If there are any confusing or complicated events included in your legal cases, you can expect that the entire settlement time will be even longer. When choosing an attorney, be sure to work with someone who is familiar with the process, so it does not get extended even longer.

Being injured at work can have many serious implications on your life. You may have to receive medical care for the rest of your life. You may lose important wages during recovery. If your medical condition prevents you from working, your future job prospects may be limited. Employers are responsible for injuries that their employees sustain, especially if it is at the fault of the employer. The next time you do a quick search for lawyers near me, go ahead and contact one for an initial consultation. You may learn that you are entitled to more than you originally thought.

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