Three Reasons Why It Is Important to have a Lawyer in a Large Truck Accident

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If a person finds themselves the victim of a large truck accident, they should consider hiring a lawyer as soon as possible. Many individuals think it may be cheaper or easier to represent themselves, especially if they are not at fault. However, having proper legal representation is ideal, not only so the client has a better chance of winning the case, but also because attorneys can properly present facts to a judge while arguing a case. Read on to learn about three reasons why and how a lawyer can be helpful in accidents that involve large trucks.

Attorneys Can Assist Clients Injured While the Other Party Was Using a Cell Phone

Although it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving, it is not uncommon. This can be a dangerous situation for anyone involved, since talking or texting takes focus off the road and can lead to serious accidents. In America alone, roughly 660,000 drivers are using a phone in one manner or another while operating a vehicle. If involved in a large truck accident, the attorney can work with the client to prove how the other party was creating a dangerous situation and not paying attention to the road. If the driver or the large truck was using the vehicle for work or business, this can result in other additional penalties regarding irresponsible use. Use of a cell phone can lead to bodily injuries, totaled cars, and even life or death situations, so a judge will take these matters very seriously.

A Lawyer Can Assist Clients in Winning Cases That Are Related to Crashes

Crashes are no small matter. These can involve situations that leave the other party disabled or at best, using a cast and crutches. This can put the individual out of work and put unnecessary burden on their daily life. Their car can also be totaled, so the accident could very well cost them a lot of money they don?t have for something they didn?t do. Attorneys can assist those who have experienced bodily injury by asking the other party for damages related to pain and suffering. Large trucks can commonly be involved in traffic accidents and crashes, with over 330,000 of these vehicles contributing to accidents in the year 2012. It has been found that large trucks are more likely to cause fatal multiple vehicle crashes, because of the amount of force behind them. The numbers are over 80% for large trucks and 58% for passenger vehicles, giving a concrete example of how the damage behind them is serious. A legal professional can ensure that victims are given fair and equal treatment during their court case, and are entitled to the full amount of damages paid out for injury to themselves, others present in the vehicle, and damage to the car itself.

Attorneys Can Help Get Everything They Deserve

In instances where the client is injured and out of work as a result and does not have a car, they may be depending on settlement money to help them repair their lives and get them back on track. Solving cases in court is not always a speedy process, and attorneys can let their clients know what to expect. This way, clients can be confident in knowing that the ball is in their court. They can work with the client to strengthen their case, and provide the judge with full details. While representing oneself, many individuals might forget to add important details or be unaware of how the court process works. Because a legal professional is familiar with all of this, they can make sure their clients get the fair and honest treatment they deserve.

When involved in a large truck accident, clients should always consult an attorney for legal assistance. This can greatly help them in winning their case, no matter what it involves. If there was negligence due to use from cell phones or bodily injury resulting from a crash, a lawyer can take all this into consideration in getting ready for a court case. They can also show clients how to ask for everything they deserve after a large truck accident.

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