I’ve Been Arrested For A Misdemeanor — What Are My Options?

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Have you been arrested for a misdemeanor in the United States? You need to look into misdemeanor bonds. Attempting to navigate the legal system can be a highly tricky process for the uninitiated, particularly when it comes to the sensitive issue of processing bonds, analyzing past behavior and attempting to avoid jail time. Many people aren’t even sure how to go about contacting their local bail bondsman or addressing the nature of their crime in the courtroom. If you need a place to start, keep reading below to learn about misdemeanors in the United States and the options available to you.

What Is A Misdemeanor?

Simply put, a misdemeanor is when an individual is arrested for a public crime. These are notably less serious than a felony and, as such, do not see the same jail time or fine amount as their more extreme counterparts. Nearly 12 million people were processed through jails across the country between June of 2010 and June of 2011. Ongoing studies are conducted year after year to create links between petty crimes and the population at large.

What Are Misdemeanor Statistics?

Thousands of misdemeanors occur in the United States on a daily basis, ranging from petty theft to property damage to public misconduct. The country saw a whopping six million people under correctional supervision and, in any given day, around 60% of the American jail population will be composed of people who are being held in detention and awaiting charge resolutions.

Who Commits Misdemeanors?

Although people of varying backgrounds and ages commit misdemeanors, there are some patterns evident in ongoing studies. Statistics show over 52% of American men will be arrested for a misdemeanor at least once in their lifetime, if not several. A separate study published in the 2011 edition of Pediatrics showed one in three people will be arrested by the time they’re 24 years old. Common misdemeanors include, but are not limited to, driving under the influence, theft, aggressive behavior and property damage.

What Are Misdemeanor Bonds?

Misdemeanor bonds are used to bail out an individual after they have been arrested. These are done through a bail bond service or a bail bond agency specializing in helping both families and offenders navigate the legal system. The Bureau of Justice Statistics show the number of people who need money for bail has gone up a significant 30% between 1990 and 2006, with the latter being the last year bail statistics were released at large. The chances of needing to be bailed out is not as slim as many may think. It’s estimated there are nearly 14,000 bail agents working in the country.

Where Can I Start?

If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or someone you know is waiting for misdemeanor bonds, the first step is contacting a bail bondsman for further assistance. They can help you with analyzing your financial situation and seeking out options that suit both your unique situation and budget. In exchange for posting a bond the bail bondsman will charge a non-refundable fee — this is usually, but not always, 10% of the amount of bail. By using a bondsman the accused party will get out of jail for much less than the full bail amount, though the non-refundable fee can still cause many to balk at the process. Despite this, using all the resources at your disposal is the best way of achieving a reasonable resolution. Contact your local law firm and see how they can assist you.

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