When to Hire an Accident Lawyer

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The number of accidents that take place every year is alarming, and most of this accidents leave victims injured or the worst case scenario, death. However, those who end up with either long-term or short-term injuries faces lawsuits leaving them with limited options to turn to. Accidents can result from the motorcycle, automotive or workplace and the range of injury ranges from mild to very severe cases. Regardless the cause of the accident, it’s imperative that you find a strong legal representation or otherwise, you might lose out on possible compensations that you’re entitled to.

Finding a qualified accident lawyer lies the difference between having to fac Continue reading

A Few of the Benefits Associated With Patent Protection

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Whether it’s fora pharmaceutical company or a tech startup, the fact remains that patents are important pieces of legal documentation that protect inventions and products all over the world. However, patent law can be confusing, which is why so many people hire patent law specialists to help the process along.
Whether you’re a stand-alone inventor or part of a massive company, here are a few of the distinct advantages that come with patent protection.
Prevents Theft
Intellectual property law has to do with keeping your ideas in your possession. If you patent an idea or invention, it prevents others from stealing your thoughts, or your intellectual propert Continue reading

An Overview of DUI Laws in Ohio

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If you live in or are planning to move to Ohio, then it’s important to be aware of the state’s DUI laws. While many people are conscientious when consuming alcohol, and claim to never operate a vehicle while under the influence, they may be unaware of their actual blood alcohol level.

Since the only way to ensure that you’re not driving under the influence is to refrain from consuming any alcohol, if you do choose to drink and drive, it’s important to be apprised of the DUI laws in Ohio.

The term, OVI, or “operating a vehicle under the influence,” is commonly used by Ohio law enforcement. This is the same as a DUI, or “driving under the influence,” which is used in other states.

Since DUI laws in Ohio include an implied consent law, if you refuse to take a chemical, or breathaly Continue reading