Three Can’t-Miss Facts About Hiring Design Patent Law Firms in Minneapolis

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Thinking of filing a design patent? If so, you’re far from alone.

The U.S. is now ninth in the world for patents per capita, given a rise in global competition ? yet there is still between $5 trillion and $5.5 trillion worth of intellectual property within the U.S., according to data from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Intellectual Property Center.

Finding the right trademark or patent attorney can be a unique, acute challenge, even for people who have worked with patents for years. If you’re new to the world of trademark, design and intellectual property law, be sure to read these three facts before hiring any design patent law firms in Minneapolis:

Your patent drawings matter more than you think

Ask any patent lawyer, and he or she will tell you the same: Don’t skimp on patent attorney services, particularly when it comes to your patent drawings. Professionally done patent illustrations are perhaps the most key component of a design patent application, according to IP Watchdog, which means you should be seeking out the best design patent law firms in Minneapolis to do this work for you. On average, the price of a quality patent drawing will run in the $600 range.

Don’t expect an easy filing process

Design patents might seem like an easy patent to file, given their seemingly niche scope. However, there are a number of potential hurdles that can stand in your way. With more than 520,000 patent applications filed each year, it’s more than likely that you find claims of copyright infringement hurled at you, for example. By having the right attorneys at your side, the process will become much simpler.

Choose your trademark attorney with longevity in mind

Did you know that the term of a design patent is 14 years? This means that any design patent filed will remain valid for that amount of time, which in turn means you’ll want to be looking at design patent law firms in Minneapolis that will be certain to be on hand to assist you for the duration of your patent. While you won’t have any financial obligations or patent changes during these 14 years, it’s still a good idea to ensure you’ll have legal counsel along the way.

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