Are You a Possible Heir to a Substantial Estate of a Deceased Relative?

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The initial phone message was somewhat confusing. In fact, you nearly deleted it without ever responding.
Thankfully, you reconsidered.
The unexpected message indicated that you might be an heir to an estate in Los Angeles County. And while you recognized the last name of the deceased, you did not know that your grandfather on your mother’s side had any siblings. In fact, you really did not know that grandfather that well as he dies when you were only 10. At the age of 53, this unexpected phone call about some distant relative’s estate seemed like a scam.
Your sister called though and indicated that she had received the same call. After checking the phone number and the name of the person leaving the message, she had discovered that this really was the name of a person who works at the Los Angeles County public administrator’s office. The number was a legitimate number as well. Although you did not recognize the first name of the deceased, both you and your sister decided to return the call.
The phone conversation involved an explanation of the role of a probate litigation attorney, the purpose of the papers that would be sent to you in the mail. All the public administrator needed was your mailing address. He already had your phone number, so you did not see any harm in sharing your address information.
When the packet arrived, however, your husband became suspicious. He was reluctant for you to share your social security number. Your husband, however, had a suggestion. He called a team of litigation attorneys that he had dealt with before at work. The litigation attorneys recommended a probate and estate administration firm, and two days later these experts informed you that the papers were for real and that sharing social security information would be safe.
It was not until until 14 months later, but you really did get part of an inheritance from a great uncle you had never met. Turns out this bachelor uncle had been a merchant marine and had accumulated a fortune in stocks and bonds, as well as a substantial settlement from a case tried by a maritime injury lawyer. Your portion of the inheritance was enough, in fact, to pay off all of the current credit card you had. Thank goodness your husband had quick access to litigation attorneys who could suggest the probate experts to verify the legitimacy of the request.
Knowing Where to Turn for Legal Advice Can Help You in Many Ways
Many people think of legal teams as the resources that can help them with divorces, child custody cases, and personal injury accidents. Seeking legal advice about legal forms, however, are also a reason that many people seek legal assistance. Whether it is to verify the authenticity of legal forms for an inheritance or to understand what you need to do to make sure that you have your final will and testament and power of attorney wishes in order, legal advice is always recommended. While not all cases require litigation attorneys, most legal firms can help their clients understand what kind of legal assistance they need.
Missing out on a possible inheritance because you do not know how to verify the request or complete the forms does not make sense. Lawyers and attorneys can help their clients interpret and complete legal forms.

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