Hiring the Best Legal Team After an Injury on the Job

Personal injury cases

You never expect to get injured at work. You never think of it being possible. You are well trained at your job, you take all of the necessary precautions and you have done your job for years. It is likely that you have never even considered an on the job injury and all of its implications. What happens, then, when you are injured on the job? Are you protected? What if they blame you for the accident? Will you lose your weekly pay, if you are unable to work? Who will cover your medical bills? What about if you require additional medical care in the future, as a result of your injury? How will you pay your bills, if you are left unable to work? These are all common questions that follow an on the job injury. It may be necessary to consult with a legal team following an on the job injury.

Depending on the specific job, there are many ways that an employee can be injured on the job. The accident can be the result of machine malfunction, vehicle accident during work time or even slips and falls. 20% of federal civil personal injury lawsuits result from vehicle crashes, 13% from products liability injuries, and 10% from medical malpractice. An employee can be properly trained on a job and still sustain a work related injury. Sometimes it is not even really anyone?s fault.

Most companies have some type of insurance on their business, in the event that an employee is injured. Most companies provide their employees with some type of workers compensation, to protect both parties after an accident. If an injury occurs on the job, it is likely that the individual will be referred to the workman?s compensation department. A case will be opened, and investigation will begin around the case. The investigation might look at who is at fault, what type of medical care is needed and the specific injury of the employee. A legal team may be needed if the employee does not agree with the ruling of the workman?s compensation department.

There may be differences regarding medical care needed, the fault of the injury and the amount of time that is needed off of work. The company is required to pay for all of these damages and generally, the workman?s compensation department is paid for by the company. The employee may not agree with their rulings and may want a second opinion. A legal team that specializes in workers compensation attorneys may be helpful.

It is common that during a disagreement, that the case may not even go to trial. Many companies want to stay out of court and may offer some type of a settlement to the injured employee. It may not be the exact amount that the employee wanted, but it will be closer. Also, staying out of court prevents additional workers compensation law firm costs, for both sides. In fact, only 2% of personal injury tort cases actually go to trial, the rest are handled outside of the courtroom. A qualified legal team may be beneficial in coming to an appropriate settlement out of court, saving court fee costs and lawyer charges.

Social security disability lawyers are necessary in injury cases that involve social security. Those who are permanently disabled may have to fight for many years in order to obtain social security benefits. A social security specialized attorney or vehicle accident attorney can be very beneficial in these types of cases. Approximately 5.4 million people were newly awarded Social Security in 2014. Although this may seem like a lot, many of these people fought for many years to obtain these benefits.

Getting an injury on the job can be stressful and raise a lot of questions. Although most companies have some type of workman?s compensation, the employee may not always agree with their awarding. When this is the case, a specialized legal team may be needed. The individual may have to argue and fight for the amount they feel is necessary. Those wishing to obtain social security benefits may be involved in a very lengthy process. It is important to hire a qualified and experienced legal team.

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