Why You Shouldn’t Let the Ignorant Opinions of Haters Prevent You From Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

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Do suffer from a physical or mental disability that prevents you from having a part or full time job and that affects your overall quality of life? If that’s the case, then you should start strongly considering filing a claim for social security disability.

Now before you start rolling your eyes and thinking you’ll never be able to qualify, think again. Don’t rush to such silly conclusions based on the ridiculous stereotypes created by those who are ill-informed and judgmental! Instead, have a consultation with a professional and experienced social security attorney, not a Google search about whether or not you qualify for social security benefits.

Just like how it’s absolutely critical to speak to a bankruptcy lawyer if you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, it’s just as important to go and speak to a social security disability attorney in order to explore your options. Don’t cut yourself out of the race just because you think you’re not eligible to receive supplementary social security income.

It’s not your job, or Google’s, or your mother’s, or your frenemy’s, or that one coworker who won’t stay in her lane and out of your business job to determine whether or not your eligible for social security disability benefits. Only an attorney and the court of law can accurately and truly determine that!

It’s no secret that there are several negative stereotypes and ignorant stigmas associated or attached to those who file for social security disability benefits, especially when or if they don’t have an obvious physical disability. It’s important to completely ignore and disregard these stereotypes, which are grossly inaccurate and based on fear and regurgitated information that wasn’t really true in the first place. And besides, it’s no one else’s business if you decide to file for social security benefits!

Also, if you suffer a mental such as anxiety, depression, or a mood disorder, don’t feel as though you’re not eligible or won’t be able to claim social security benefits. This is another half-truth that has been circulating for quite some time and may have discouraged people who rightfully deserve these benefits from looking into or claiming them. Mental illness and the stigmas attached to it have a long way to go in this country, but don’t let that prevent you from do what you need to in order to support yourself.

This is especially true for those who experience or suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, also known commonly referred to simply as PTSD. Although most commonly associated with combat and war veterans, anyone can experience PTSD if they’ve experienced a stressful or traumatic event such as a car accident, a physical or sexual assault, or the sudden loss of a loved one. Often times, PTSD sufferers also suffer from other forms of acute or chronic mental illness such as anxiety or depression as a result of their PTSD.

Similarly, autoimmune disorders such as lupus can manifest differently in each and every patient, as every body and how it reacts to this order is different. Often times, there may be little to no obvious physical symptoms with lupus, which is why it is often referred to as the invisible disease. However, despite this fact, if you have lupus or a similar autoimmune disorder that prevents you from working to do the physical and mental pain and anguish, then it’s time to get serious about considering filing for social security disability! What are you waiting for?

Remember, you have the power to create, change, and shape your own reality. So don’t let people who have little or nothing to do with your life or health discourage you from making a decision that could possibly greatly or drastically improve your quality of life. It’s simple; say goodbye to the haters and hi to exploring social security disability!