Disability Attorneys Helping You Get What’s Rightfully Yours

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Disability attorneys perform a vital function in a country where the risk of being injured due to the negligence of others runs so high.

In 2013 alone, workers reported more than three million job-related injuries and illnesses. And when you can’t work, your living expenses don’t stop. In the U.S., three quarters of the population lives paycheck to paycheck, and more than 25% of us have no savings at all. Fewer than one in four has the equivalent of six months worth of income to cover any emergencies that may arise.

What kind of workplace accident sidelines the most employees? Slip and fall injuries resulting from slick floors account for 85% of the total. 22% of those incide Continue reading

My Employer Has Filed For Bankruptcy During My Workman’s Compensation Lawsuit

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A majority of states, 74%, require that all businesses offer workman’s compensation. This is great for employees because, as of March 2015, just a damaged arm from work in the United States on average cost about $169,880, and 84% of workman’s compensation claims are from slick floor of the work place. However, if the work place must file a bankruptcy lawsuit, then that workman’s compensation could never be seen by the worker.
My employer is filing for bankruptcy, and I have a lawsuit against them. What should I do?
Your first step should be to contact a bankruptcy lawyer or a workers compensation attorney, you will want someone with extensive knowledge to Continue reading

DUI Charges are Setious Matter

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State DUI laws vary and a dui attorney in Ohio can guide you through the dui laws in the state if you are facing charges. First of all, in Ohio, driving under the influence or DUI is known as operating a vehicle under the influence or OVI.
Second, state dui laws in Ohio are very strict and about one of every seven licensed drivers in the state – that’s more than 1.1 million people – has at least one driving while impaired conviction. And according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, there are 44,789 people in Ohio who have have five or more OVI convictions.

State laws vary

The BAC or Blood Alcohol Count limit in Ohio is .02 % for individuals under the age of 21. An Continue reading