How To Find A DUI Attorney In Ohio

Find dui lawyer

Finding a DUI (or OVI) attorney should be your first course of action if you are arrested for driving under the influence. The nature of your charge can change significantly depending on your prior history and the circumstances of your arrest, which shouldn’t be approached without the assistance of a criminal defense firm. If you live in Ohio and are trying to find the resources to help you confront a charge, a criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the legal system and prepare you for the most appropriate conviction.

Drunk Driving In Ohio

DUI laws by state will have their own unique rules and regulations. Ohio, for example, has a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) limit of .02 percent if you are 21 years or younger. The state also has an implied consent law, which means that refusing to submit to a chemical test on grounds of suspicion will be punished by a fine and suspension of your license. It’s estimated one out of every seven drivers in Ohio have been convicted of driving while under the influence.

Limits For Conviction

If you are convicted of a DUI offense in the state of Ohio you can face jail time ranging from three days to six months depending on the amount of alcohol in your system as well as your past criminal history. You will also potentially have your license suspended, anywhere from six months to three years, and be required to pay a fine. Reinstating your license for the first time still requires a fee and can cost up to $450.

Applying For A Plea Bargain

A plea bargain is used if the defendant decides to plead guilty — however, there can be other factors that can potentially affect the nature of the case. For example, if there was no accident caused or the defendant has an otherwise clean record the charges could be smaller than average. All of this shouldn’t be done, however, without the prior aid of a criminal defense federal lawyer.

Find A DUI Attorney

When you find a DUI attorney they will handle everything in your court proceedings — this includes, but is not limited to, contacting witnesses, organizing evidence and helping you obtain future loans or employment opportunities. Some lawyers offer a free consultation and can give you a run-down of what they plan to help you with before and after your court date. Contact your local Ohio defense firm, find a DUI attorney and get the help you need to put your life back on the right track.

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