Confronting Police Brutality Through A Lawsuit

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It?s an unfortunate reality that police brutality is a serious problem in America. In fact, police brutality has always been an issue across the world, but the amount of police brutality occurring in a country as developed as the United States is often overlooked. In recent years, a spotlight has been shined upon this terrible issue, thanks to cases like that of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. What many still don?t know is that there is a way to get justice if you believe that you or loved one has been the victim of police brutality. Once you find an attorney to stand up for you in court, you may have a very good chance at getting the recognition you deserve.

Personal Injury Cases: The Realities

Police misconduct and brutality can fall under the realm of ?personal injury?, and luckily, a qualified police brutality attorney has a statistically good chance of winning your case, or settling in your favor. It?s true that only four to five percent of personal injury cases total go to trial ? but that?s because 95 to 96% of all personal injury suits are settled pretrial. Settling is completely understandable, as a good settlement guarantees money that can cover the expenses related to the emotional and physical traumas related to their injury. However, the roughly four percent of cases that go to trial often go not simply for compensation, but for recognition of the damage done. The choice is yours.

Finding A Minnesota Police Brutality Attorney

If you?re looking for a Minnesota police brutality attorney, know that you aren?t alone. Minnesota, virtually every state in America, has suffered its fair share of police brutality scandals. Most recently, the shooting of Jamar Clark has grabbed headlines, with many protesters calling for justice. It?s understandable if you feel discouraged before even starting the fight, with several high-profile police misconduct cases in recent years not going to trial. But don?t count yourself out yet. A Minnesota police brutality attorney does have a good chance of getting you the answers and justice you need; in fact, Minneapolis police officer Michael Griffin was convicted this year of off-duty assaults, with his victims getting to see him receive the punishment he deserved. The civil lawsuits surrounding the case resulted in Minneapolis paying the plaintiffs over $400,000. So don?t be afraid to exercise your legal rights!

You Can Do This

Pursuing a police brutality lawsuit is intimidating ? nobody would deny that. But attorneys can help you, and you do deserve to have your day in court. An important part of these cases is making sure that the people who hurt you or your loved one don?t get to hurt anyone else. Your life isn?t the only one affected. And remember ? you aren?t alone. Your attorneys will be with you every step of the way, and will be just as determined as you are to get a victory.

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