What to Do If You Get Hurt At Work

Work injury attorneys

When Rick was hurt at work, he felt his whole life flash before him. Not only was he scared about the extent of his injury, but he knew his family was living paycheck to paycheck and if had to miss work, he was worried about being able to make ends meet. His wife, Carla, and their daughters Sophie and Cordelia, were the most important thing in his life and he knew that as important as it was for him to heal his body, he also needed to focus on protecting his family. Because he knew one of his former coworkers at the last job he had said that getting a lawyer is important when you are injured on the job, he immediately set forth looking into workers compensation lawyers.
When Rick began his search, he did not know a lot about workers compensation lawyers. He event started to question why hire a workers compensation lawyer. His employer had said they would help with his medical care and he would have a job waiting for him, which seemed really nice. Thankfully, his wife reminded him that neither of them were experts in what he was entitled to because of his injury and what is involved in a workers compensation claim. He continued with his search until he found a group of workers compensation lawyers that made him feel truly comfortable.
In their first meeting, Rick’s lawyer explained to him what he is entitled to under the law. Rick was one of the more than 128 million people covered by workers compensation laws. These laws are set up to make sure that employers pay 100% of medical care and compensate him for lost time at work. They also explained that since most people don’t know what to do if you get hurt at work, it was possible that they don’t receive all of their benefits. Since workers compensation expenses can make up to 1.6% of an employers total spending, the cost for his employer could be high. Making sure that his employer complied with the law and also provided any additional compensation Rick was due because of the nature of his injury would be the main job of his workers compensation attorneys.
As Rick proceeded with his claim, he was surprised about all of the things he would have missed if he had not found workers comp lawyers. Rick was able to receive the confirmation he needed from his employer that in addition to paying for all of his immediate medical costs, they would be committed to compensating him for any long term effects from his injury as well. Further, Rick was able to know that after a 3 day waiting period, he would be receiving salary and benefits compensation while he was out of work. That was crucial to him to make sure that his wife and daughters did not suffer at all while he recovered.
Getting hurt at work was certainly not a part of Rick’s plan, but he was glad that he found a great workers compensation lawyer. Even though it may take months for him to return to the same level of activity he was at before, he knew that only he would be suffering through the experience and his family could continue to live their comfortable life.