Measures To Take When You’re Hurt At Work

Injured on the job from accidents

In the year 2013, 917,100 occupational injuries and illnesses occurred which resulted in employees missing work days. If you are hurt at work, it is important to know the steps to take to make sure you receive the workers compensation you deserve. Getting hurt at work can be a scary and stressful time. Here are some measures to help you when you are in this difficult situation.

#1. Make A Workers Compensation Claim

Occupational injuries caused workers to miss an average of eight days in 2013. If you are hurt at work and as a result are unable to work or have to miss work because of medical needs, you will need to make a workers compensation claim. Designed to protect workers who get hurt on the job, workers compensation will pay the entirety of your medical bills for workplace injuries and can even pay cash benefits for lost work time wages after a waiting period of between three and seven days. In 2011, total workers compensation payments totaled $60.2 billion. To file a claim you have options. You can either file a claim online, call the telephone number of your state’s workers compensation board or file a paper employee claim.

#2.Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney

There are several situations when hiring a workers compensation lawyer to represent your interests after getting hurt at work. If your injury is very serious or if you have been denied a claim or medical benefits, a workers compensation lawyer can help represent your needs in this confusing time and arena. Workers comp lawyers are able to help if you wish to dispute a decision made by your employer regarding workers compensation. They can also help you maneuver the legal system if you do not believe you are receiving adequate benefits.

#3. Keep Documentation Of Everything

One of the most important measures to take right off the bat after getting hurt at work is keeping documentation of everything. This includes official medical records but also may include items such as a personal diary documenting adverse effects the injury has had on your lifestyle as well including things like side effects from medication. Having family or friends write a letter on your behalf describing the impact the injury has had is another form of documentation that may be useful in your workers compensation claim.

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