What are the Different Types of Personal Injury Cases?

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There are many different kinds of personal injury cases, and lawyers often specialize in certain areas. Here’s an overview of the categories:

  • Car Accidents

    Many of the best personal injury lawyers are also car accident attorneys. Traffic accidents are the most common cause of personal injury litigation in the United States. Usually, the driver who caused the injury is found responsible for paying for damages and injuries that result from the accident.
  • Medical Malpractice

    When a doctor or health care professional causes injury as a result of incompetent or unskilled care, they can usually be sued for medical malpractice, but the process is complex. Only the best personal injury lawyers should be hired to deal with these difficult cases.
  • Slip and Fall

    Slip and fall cases are one of the most common varieties of personal injury claims. Usually, a person claims slip and fall if they were injured because of a hazard that the property owner could have prevented, such as excessive ice, a sidewalk crack, or wet floors. A personal injury attorney can usually prove it was the property owner’s responsibility if the injury was caused by negligence.

  • Defamation

    Unlike the other categories, defamation is more related to attacks of libel or slander that damage a person emotionally, financially or socially rather than physically. A plaintiff has to prove that another person’s attack on their character caused real harm.
  • Dog Bites

    In cases where an injury is caused by a dog bite, the responsibility for the damages can be different from state to state. Many hold the dog owner liable, but others will only charge an owner if they should have known their dog had a history of biting.
  • Assault and Battery

    These personal injury cases are not accidental but intentional. Usually they happen in conjunction with a criminal case. The perpetrator will be charged with the criminal activity, and the victim will also take them to court to pay for their injuries.

With each of these case types, it’s important to find the best personal injury lawyers for your specific issue. There are complex laws surrounding each one and usually a hiring a specialist is the best way to get the settlement you deserve.
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