Three of the Worst Car Accidents of All Time

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No matter how bad an auto accident is, it’s still an upsetting event. However, some car accidents are obviously far worse than others, and there are even some whose severity nearly defies logic. To help give you a better idea of just how bad a wreck can be, here are a few of the worst car accidents in recent history.

Ferrari Enzo Collides With Utility Poll at the Fastest Recorded Crash Speed Ever.

The owner of a Ferrari Enzo had been drinking, and — as alcohol tends to make one do — made the bad decision to not only drive drunk, but test the speed of his $1.3 million vehicle. Naturally, he got into one of the worst car accidents ever as a result. The man reached a speed of 196 miles per hour, lost control, and crashed into a utility poll. Somehow, he actually walked away from the accident.

White Out Conditions Cause 117 Car Pileup.

On February 22, 2000, a massive snowstorm swept through Virginia, creating white out conditions on I-95 that would lead to one of the worst car accidents of all time. With more than an inch of snow falling in minutes, 117 cars wound up getting into one, single accident, resulting in one death, 31 injuries, and a staggering amount of wreckage.

Drunk Driver Hits Bus Full of Kids Head On.

Another of the worst car accidents was caused by drunk driving, also. Back in 1988, an intoxicated Mr. Larry Wayne Mahoney was driving a black Toyota pickup in the wrong lane and struck a bus full of kids on a trip with their church youth group. The nearly head on crash disabled the bus’s front door, and ruptured its gas tank. Within minutes, the vehicle was ablaze. Of the 66 passengers, 34 were injured and 27 died.

There are bad car accidents, and then there are the worst car accidents. No matter the severity of the incident, though, if you’ve been involved in any collision, you need to contact car accidents lawyers, and get a team of hard-working professionals on your case.

If you have any questions, or know of some of the other, worst car accidents today, feel free to share in the comments. References.

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