The Top Three Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Personal Injury Cases

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You may have seen a lot of court in television and movies, but what do you know about the sort of people who actually go to court? Here are three surprising statistics you probably wouldn’t have guessed about personal injury cases:

1. More than Half of Personal Injury Lawsuits are Attributable to Car Accidents

For all that people sue one another, about fifty two percent of personal injury cases are due to events that unfolded on the road. Every time you go on the road you are putting your life in the hands of the drivers around you, so it’s concerning to think that so many people saw fit to find fault in others’ driving in court!

2. Of the Other Half, Almost One in Three are Due to Doctors

Personal injury cases being largely attributable to auto accidents is understandable considering how many people are on the road, but did you know that fifteen percent of cases are filed due to medical malpractice? Doctors are fallible like any other person, but they are in the unique position of being responsible for scores of other people’s health at a time; it is unnerving to think that so many of them make such frequent mistakes!

3. Most of these Cases Never See a Courtroom

When trying to decide whether or not filing a personal injury case would be worth the effort, remember that you may not need to shell out the money for the best work injury attorney; it may not be as relevant which work injury attorney or other prosecutor you hire since less than five percent of personal injury cases ever go to court. If you have a legitimate case, it is exceedingly likely that the party at fault will settle for a satisfactory amount; that personal injury compensation may not be as hard to get as you would think. What did you think of these statistics? See this reference for more:

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