Will Google’s Self-Driving Cars Crash?

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Are Google’s self-driving cars safe? Many Americans are nervous about putting their lives in the hands of computers and robots. Google, however, insists its self-driving models are actually safer than vehicles with the human behind the wheel. In fact, Google is so confident and its automated cars that it is developing new prototypes without steering wheels, brake pedals, and gas pedals. Is Google overconfident? Can self-driving vehicles get into accidents?

How Safe Are Google’s Self-Driving Cars Really?

Google first self-driving cars have logged over 700,000 miles on rural expressways, and earlier this year Google even tested them on California’s busy city streets. Although developers admit that they still working out some kinks, such as merging, lane changes, and turn right on red, they standby claims that self-driving cars are actually safer than traditional vehicles. “As it turns out, what looks chaotic and random on a city street to the human eye is actually fairly predictable to a computer,” a Google engineer explains.

Why is Google getting rid of steering wheels and brake pedals and its self-driving cars? Google realized that requiring a human driver to take over in the event of an emergency was actually a critical problem. Human drivers already get distracted, tired, drive while texting, or sometimes even drive drunk. Relying on a distracted driver to prevent a crash is not the best way to go, Google reasoned.

What Happens If Self-Driving Cars Crash?

What happens in the event of a crash? What about the event of an accidental death? What will car accident attorneys and auto injury lawyers do if crashes involving self-driving car? The answers to these questions are not entirely clear. However, collisions and car accident injuries resulting from Google’s self-driving cars are highly unlikely. The cars have been involved and only two accidents. One was the fault of the other driver. The second occurred only when a human driver took over the wheel.

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