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What are the different levels of dwi

When you get a traffic ticket in North Carolina you may be tempted to simply pay the fine and be done with it. Before you take this step make certain you understand the consequences of your actions. Make sure you have a strong DWI lawyer one who knows the law in North Carolina.

DWI Judges determine the level of the charge by balancing aggravating factors with mitigating factors. Aggravating factors include bad driving records and minor accidents in relation to DWI charges. Grossly aggravating factors include previous drunk driving convictions, having children in the car and major car accidents.

Mitigating factors include clean driving records and taking an alcohol assessment early in the process. The best DWI attorney will make sure to pull out mitigating factors in order to tip the balance in favor of a lower level DWI. So what is the best process in how to fight a speeding ticket in Charlotte?

It starts with knowing the law, and knowing how a DWI charge differs from an assault or drug charge. An excellent criminal defense attorney can help you figure out what is the legal limit for alcohol in NC but also answer the question of how much does it cost to fight a DUI? A strong DUI lawyer can help you determine how to fight a speeding ticket in Charlotte, but what happens when you get a DUI throughout North Carolina.

A Level 5 DWI is the lowest level of DWI. The sentence for this level includes a fine, community service, an alcohol assessment and driver’s license suspension. First-time offenders often receive a Level 5 often meaning a fine or community service.

A Level 4 DWI is the second lowest level of DWI. The sentence is very similar to that of Level 5 potentially requiring more community service. Typically, a level 4 does not require any jail time.

Level 2 DWI is the third highest level of DWI. The sentence includes an automatic mandatory seven days in jail, with the possibility of up to one year in jail as well as the penalties associated with the lower levels of DWI.

Offenses committed on or after December 1 2011 now face being potentially sentenced to the highest level (Level A1 DWI). This could include a minimum mandatory active sentence of 120 days to a maximum of three years. Multiple offenders are at the greatest risk of being sentenced to A1.

If you take these steps, you will know more on how to fight a speeding ticket in Charlotte. A DUI or DWI arrest can not only hurt your standing in the community, but cost you thousands of dollars. Be prepared to avoid the humiliation and shame following an arrest.

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