Why is Legislative Research Important?

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Attorneys and other court personnel have arguably one of the most important and complex jobs in our society. It falls on them to not only understand but interpret and carry out the law in a variety of different arenas and aspects. Often times these professionals carry large caseloads, each of which requires intensive legislative research. The burden of this legislative research falls on the shoulders of the attorneys. Due to limited resources, attorneys and other court personnel will turn to outsourcing legislative research. Here are some things to consider when deciding if this option is right for you.

The great majority of modern legal language is derived from French and Latin. Because of this many of the English legal language used to explain terminology uses the French grammatical structure. This can slow down any professional in their search for meaning behind the language. When time is of the essence and deadlines are looming this can mean valuable time lost. Many legislative research firms have expert staff with considerable experience in this language who can offer guidance and provide accurate information in a timely manner.

Legislative counsel will also be well-informed on the history of legal statute and experienced in conducting comprehensive legislative history research. This includes an understanding of how and under what circumstances a law came to be or an amendment was made. This can provide valuable context for any attorney and aid in their understanding of the law. These research professionals will also be proficient at tracking down legal documents and federal statutes and regulations. The time spent on these issues by legislative research teams is time that an attorney can spend on best serving their client’s needs.

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