Three Tips from Family Practice Lawyers about Helping Your Children Understand Divorce

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Sometimes problems occur in families that may require a lawyer. When it comes to marriage, having to find a divorce lawyer is a 50-50 chance, as roughly half of all marriages in the the United States will result in divorce. In addition to divorce cases, plenty of families also deal with child custody disputes, visitation rights, child support issues, and other legal battles that take place after the dissolution of a marriage. Fortunately, when encountering these tough times, there are plenty of experienced and dedicated family practice lawyers who will aid you compassionately and receptively during your divorce proceedings and will defend you by any means possible.

Talking to your children about your divorce can be difficult. Nearly 80% of divorces (79.6%) result in the mother receiving custody of and support awards for the children in the divorce settlement. No matter who receives custody, divorce changes family dynamics drastically. Here are some tips that family practice lawyers recommend for helping you and your children adjust to a divorce:

1. Be honest with your child about your divorce. Let them know that divorce is final and not something up for debate. Older children may ask more questions than a younger child, so be prepared to offer the appropriate amount of details depending on your child’s age.

2. Some children may worry about what role they could have played in their parents’ split. Be sure to emphasize to your child that he or she was not the reason for your divorce. Reassuring your children of this fact will help to avoid them casting blame on one or both parents.

3. Although divorce settlements can be a lengthy process, and adjusting to this change in family structure can take time as well, be sure to stay consistent with how you run your household during this difficult time. Work with the other parent–and even any step-parents–to ensure that rules in either household remain the same or with as little divergence as possible. By enforcing the same rules that your children have grown to expect, you will not only avoid most disruptions but curb any potential behavior issues in your children as well. Setting the same rules across households will also ensure that there are as few parenting disputes as possible.

Family practice lawyers understand that you are going through a trying ordeal, and they know that choosing a divorce lawyer is a difficult decision. By following these tips, and by asking your divorce lawyer other questions about helping your children, you should be able to ease the process. A good divorce lawyer will act compassionately during this time, so your family can move on as swiftly as possible. See this reference for more.


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