Should You Hire a Custody Lawyer?

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Being a single parent is difficult enough without having to worry about custody battles. Sadly though, things may come down to just that, in which case you’re going to want the best child custody lawyers you can find. The goal of these legal professionals is to prove to the court that you can provide the most appropriate arrangement for your kids’ best interests.

Oftentimes, the relationship between former spouses can be quite volatile and hostile. This makes it a bit difficult to decipher times when it’s truly necessary to bring in child custody attorneys, and the times when emotions may be getting the better of them. To help you pick your battles, here’s some helpful information to help you decide whether or not you truly need a custody lawyer.


One of the most important considerations you can make as a parent looking to win custody of your child is to look at your and your ex’s financial resources. First of all, a child custody lawyer’s retainer can be quite expensive. Between the number of hours it might take to resolve the case, the state in which you live, and more, several factors can increase a custody lawyer’s price. If you’re thinking about hiring a custody lawyer, it’s best to ask upfront about the price of their services.


You can decide whether it’s worth hiring a lawyer simply based on reputation. A parent should take into consideration if a certain attorney has a strong track record of winning cases. If eligible for free or low cost representation, it’s worthwhile to ask about the particular custody lawyer’s reputation and history of winning custody cases. If it’s poor, then perhaps that parent should consider finding another lawyer with a better history, who can also likely give a better strategy.

Case Complexity.

It’s usually a good idea to hire a child custody lawyer if the case has several complex issues, such as one parent living in a different state than the other. Some lawyers specialize in such complex cases, and if your case has complications, it would be more than worthwhile to pursue these specialists.

These are only a few things to consider before hiring a custody lawyer. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make the case about you–it’s about your child and being able to provide them with the best possible arrangement. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Find more on this here.

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