Risk Factors For Divorce and Having to Hire a Child Support Lawyer

Child support

Sometimes divorces happen, and during or following the divorce comes other battles, such as over child custody, child support costs, visitation rights, or paternity establishment (which is the process of determining a child’s legal father). When this happens, you need a lawyer who concentrates in the area of family law. Family law and child support lawyer costs can be affordable when you need them, and these lawyers will do what’s best for your family.

While there is no universal cause for it, there are plenty of risk factors for divorce. Some of these include…

The length of the marriage: First marriages ending in divorce last an average of eight years. By this time, many married couples have had children. Child custody and other issues regarding children in a divorce can cause serious complications in a divorce settlement. This can lead to one or both parents paying the child custody and child support lawyer costs.

Arguments: Even simple tasks such as dividing up household chores can cause a rift in a couple’s marriage. A Norwegian study released in August of 2012 reported that divorce rates double in couples who shared the housework versus couples in which the wife handled most chores. This is likely the result of the perception that one partner is not pulling his or her weight when it comes to maintaining a household, which can put a strain on a partnership. Small arguments can eventually lead to larger ones, and as these build up, the dissolution of a marriage becomes more imminent.

Location: States in the Western part of the United States of America have the highest rates of both marriage and divorce, followed closely by the Southernmost states. The lowest marriage and divorce rates are in the Northeast. Ironically, in 1780 Massachusetts became the first state to allow judicial divorce, yet the state now has a very low divorce rate.

There are many causes to divorce, and unfortunately, there are many costs associated with divorce as well. But don’t delay your divorce because of divorce attorney or child support lawyer costs. Make sure to find a lawyer who concentrates in family law, so you and your children can get the best settlement possible. For more about this, go here: familylawstlouis.com

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