Are Employers Liable for Workers’ Lies?

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Are job seekers being truthful? More than half of all job seekers lie and/or exaggerate on their resumes, U.S. News reports. What many do not realize, however, is that companies may be held liable for employees’ lies — even if they eventually expose them. Dismissing lawyers, board members, and other upper management for lies on resumes can result in an all-too-public scandal.

What Job Seekers Lie About on Their Resumes

Why are job seekers lying? The relatively poor economy and limited positions available have many Americans scrambling to get jobs, and sometimes by any means possible. Americans passing off lies and half truths on their resumes, hoping to conceal their shortcomings, U.S. news explains. Candidates are most likely to be guilty of stretching employment dates, exaggerating accomplishments, and embellishing titles (and related responsibilities). U.S. News explains, “Reasons [for lying on resumes] vary greatly, from an applicant with a criminal record who’s afraid his history would prevent him from being hired to someone looking to cover up an employment gap.”

Hire the Right Employees, and Avoid Publicity Nightmares

“In 2008, British chef Robert Irving was fired from his own show on the Food Network’s Dinner Impossible when it was uncovered that he didn’t actually design the royal couple’s [Princess Diana and Prince Charles’] wedding cake, but that he only attended the school where it was made and contributed by picking fruit for the cake,” Business Insider reports. The lie, in addition to costing Irving his job, also created something of a publicity nightmare for The Food Network.

Employers can avoid firing workers and garnering negative publicity by interviewing and screening candidates very carefully. This is especially important for career paths and institutions where integrity is key. Law firms, for example, may want to consider enlisting the help of top legal recruiters to perform background checks and thorough interviews. In house legal recruitment can use the latest software to quickly and efficient screen resumes.

Whether you choose in house legal recruitment or a third party recruiting service, law firms and large corporations need to be especially careful when hiring. More info like this.

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