Are You Going Through a Divorce? Seek a Lawyer Immediately

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If you happen to be going through the process of divorce, it is imperative to hire an accomplished divorce lawyer who is familiar with the proceedings and can help to make sure that possessions and assets are divided fairly. If you have children, you’ll certainly want to retain the services of a family law attorney who can help to address issues such as child custody and visitation rights.

Hiring a lawyer you can trust means finding one with a reputation for protecting the rights of his or her clients against hardship that can occur from unfair divorce agreements. And though it is more commonplace now, divorce as it is understood was not always readily available in America. During the time of the colonies, one needed the legislature to issue a divorce decree, but because it was expensive and took a long time to do so, divorce did not happen often. Judicial divorce was not enacted until 1780, in Massachusetts.

Studies have shown certain commonalities among people who divorce and the circumstances surround the situation. Eye and foot doctors, salespeople, agricultural engineers, and nuclear engineers are more prone to divorce than those who have other jobs. It also turns out that divorces occur most frequently in February. In August 2012, the University of Cincinnati reported that women are less liable to begin drinking than men following a divorce.

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