Decrease the Stress of Divorce and Family Court

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The rate of divorce for first marriages in the United State is slightly higher than 40 percent. Depending upon your outlook on life, it might be amusing that while many couples are enjoying a romantic Valentines Day, other couples continue to make February the number one month for divorce in the United States. Seriously though, there are several reasons that couples seek divorce. Reasons are often times infidelity, loss of connection or intimacy, or inability to overcome financial problems. Studies have found other indicators of divorce, such that women who work twelve extra minutes per week have a one percent higher risk of divorce; and that unions in which only the wife completes the house chores have a lower risk for divorce. Regardless of the reason or grounds for divorce, a family law attorney Portland can provide competent legal counsel and spousal support portland.

Divorce is said to be the second most stressful event that a person could experience during his or her lifetime. A family law attorney Portland or Portland divorce lawyers can provide couples with the best legal advice to help reduce the stress that they will experience during the divorce. A divorce attorney Portland realizes that not only is divorce a stressful, scary, and unhappy time for clients, but that it becomes even worse by the complexity of the legal system. A family law attorney Portland can assist clients by helping them to navigate the often intimidating and perplexing legal system. The family law attorney Portland is not only highly trained and experienced in the area of family law and divorce, but they travel the circuitous highways of the legal system all day, everyday. Therefore, clients can feel confident that they receive the very best legal counsel and representation, and will know that all of their interests are attended to.

Usually, the most fundamental concern of divorcing couples are their children. Perhaps the most stressful things about divorce for couples is how will the divorce affect the children? The presence of children often causes couples to postpone divorce for their sake. Under the counsel of a family law attorney portland, couples can rest assured that the best interests of their children are met. Couples who are facing the stress and the immense domestic disruption caused by divorce do not need any added burdens. What they need is a family law attorney portland who is competent and compassionate.

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