The Assault Charge Against Johnny Manziel Will Probably Be Dropped If He Fulfills Certain Conditions

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Johnny Manziel may have his assault charge dropped should be successful in completing his court ordered treatment and meet some other conditions. The former Texas Aandamp;M quarterback has been accused of kidnapping, assault and making death threats against his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. Her allegations have resulted in him being charged with one count of misdemeanor assault. This has been one of the more domestic violence cases of the past few months. Crowley says that she is deaf in her left ear as a result of the altercation. This is all according to reporting by the Dallas Morning News. The couple had been arguing over his involvement Continue reading

Three Reasons Why It Is Important to have a Lawyer in a Large Truck Accident

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If a person finds themselves the victim of a large truck accident, they should consider hiring a lawyer as soon as possible. Many individuals think it may be cheaper or easier to represent themselves, especially if they are not at fault. However, having proper legal representation is ideal, not only so the client has a better chance of winning the case, but also because attorneys can properly present facts to a judge while arguing a case. Read on to learn about three reasons why and how a lawyer can be helpful in accidents that involve large trucks.

Attorneys Can Assist Clients Injured While the Other Party Was Using a Cell Phone

Although it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving, it is not uncommon. This can be a dangerous situation for anyone involved, si Continue reading

Four Tips for Finding a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Sometimes good people make mistakes. Sometimes good people are implicated in crimes that they didn’t commit. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself in cuff in the back of a police car, you might feel uncertain about the outcome of your predicament. Whether you’re guilty as charged or not, the best thing you can do to help your circumstances is to find the right criminal defense firm. While this might be your first time going through the criminal justice process, but the attorneys who work at good criminal defense firms have dedicated their career to helping people like you get the best possible outcome when they are charged with a crime.

However, you have hundreds of Continue reading