How Litigation Attorneys Can Help Victims of Securities Fraud

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Securities fraud happens when investors are given false information by their financial advisors, and when this information is used to make decisions about buying and selling, leading to losses. Fraudulent practices include fraud, churning, unsuitability, and/or negligence. Securities fraud is also known as stock fraud or investment fraud. It violates securities laws and people who have been the targets of such practices do have the right to sue financial advisors. Litigation attorneys can advise and represent them in order to achieve the best possible settlement.

Securities or investment fraud
Securities brokerages operate on a vast scale. As of 2015, the number of securities brokerages in the U.S. was 26,823, with a combined total payroll of $63 Billion. With financi Continue reading

Wrongful Conviction The Shockingly Common Miscarriage Of Justice

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As much as people often want to believe otherwise, crimes are rarely black and white. Often, the issues that lead to violent events are not only tense, but conflicted and difficult to understand from an outsider’s perspective. Only the people who actually were present when alleged crimes occurred know what really happened, and it’s the job of a defense attorney to not judge, but rather help their clients out of difficult situations. An attempted murder defense lawyer, for example, isn’t there to decide whether or not their client is guilty, but to build the best possible defense from a non-biased perspective. The fact is that while a jury shouldn’t be influenced by preconceived notions surrounding a defendant or their specific situation, they can be. A defense attorney is there to make sure that they hear a Continue reading

Have You Been Charged With A DUI Or OVI?

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Have you been convicted of a DUI charge? Are you concerned about whether or not you can navigate the legal system concerning fees, court hearings and blood tests? You may need to find DUI lawyer or attorney in your area. Drunk driving convictions are one of the most common issues facing the United States today and one that sees people attempting to find DUI lawyer, attorney or legal assistance in their immediate area. If you are unfamiliar with blood alcohol content testing or the consequences of a charge, read below to learn more.

What Is A DUI?

A DUI is a criminal charge for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances Continue reading