In Brief

Good afternoon, morning, or evening, as the case may be! My nom de plume is Frank Ferdinand. They call me “Fearsome Frank” for my ability to strike terror into the hearts of opponents on the field of battle they call the courtroom. Judges have fallen to my feet praising my incisive wits. Prosecutors have been crushed under my defensive arguments. When I’ve prosecuted I’ve seen defendants hold their jaws to keep their teeth from shaking. It’s a hardscrabble, brutal, mean existence in the world of case law, and every day I walk through the thick of it. But I never get trench foot (metaphorically speaking) because I know the score and I know the rules of the road. I’m street smart. If you’re practicing law in this cold cruel world then you’re going to need some advice to keep you from sinking into the mud like so many failed would-be lawyers before you. There is a bar to pass my friend, and there’s no room for the weak, If you think you’re hardcore enough for this life then I challenge you to read the posts on this instructional blog and apply their cruel lessons to your career every day. Remember, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and if you’re not eating someone else then they’re going to eat you. And that’s just no good. So get reading and take to the courts with your bad self!

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