Can Tetris Treat PTSD Symptoms?

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Why is everyone talking about post traumatic stress disorder? At least 22 veterans succumb to suicide in any given day, CBS News reports. Recent data shows that suicide rates, especially among young male vets, continue to climb astronomically.

The upsetting trend is not going unnoticed. The government and other officials are re-evaluating current post traumatic stress disorder help and suicide prevention programs. Some efforts hope to appeal to veterans who may be reluctant to attend group and/or talk therapy. One such program researches the healing properties of Tetris (really!); other institutions explore the potential benefits of virtual reality.

Can Tetris Cure PTSD?

“A seemingly trivial task … playing a particular video game … may lessen flashbacks Continue reading

A Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help Your Claim Process

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If you have filed for social security disability and are having trouble getting your claim through, you need to hire a social security disability attorney. Social security disability claims can be very difficult to process and take a long time to complete, so if you need the money to live off of and cannot wait months to get it, you should immediately seek legal assistance to speed things up. When you hire a social security disability attorney, they will make sure that your claim is filed properly and will assist you through the entire process, showing you what you need to do to get your money. A social security disability attorney will know the laws in these matters much better than any other attorney and will know what needs to be done to get your benefits so that you can have money to live off of.