A Look At The Causes Of Motor Vehicle Accidents In America

As any personal injury lawyer knows, car accidents make up the majority of all personal injury cases here in the United States (around fifty two percent of them, to be exact, followed distantly by medical malpractice cases). Car accidents are common here, with more than six million occurring in any given year. Of these six million motor vehicle accidents, around three million people will sustain varying levels of injuries and more than thirty thousand will lose their lives. And while some car accidents are difficult to prevent (such as in cases of driving in rough weather), many very much are, and any personal injury lawyer can help you to get the settlement money that you deserve should you be the victim of such a case.

Drunk driving and driving under the influence of other drugs (both legal as well as illegal) are to blame for many preventable car accidents, as any personal injury lawyer or car accident attoreny will be well familiar with. In the year of 2015 alone, there were m Continue reading