Divorce Can Be Complicated; an Experience Lawyer Can Help

Divorce is a fact of life for many couples who get married. Usually, it becomes clear relatively quickly that there are problems or that a couple is not compatible. In fact, the average length of marriages that end in divorce is only eight years. Divorce usually is easier when it’s just the husband and wife, but it can become much more complicated when there are children involved. Unfortunately, about 50% of children in the U.S. are affected by divorce. When divorce does involve children, there are some issues that need to be worked out.

One of the main issues when you are dealing with a family law situation of a divorce with children is who will get custody. Options include parents sharing custody or one parent getting primary custody with visitation rights for the other parent. This can be a complicated and complex process, so it’s important to work with a competent family lawyer. In about three-fourths of all cases, primary custody resides with the mother, but unique circumstanc Continue reading