Money Matters Often Make for Difficult Family Discussions

On the nearly 2,000 mile round trip traveling adventure that you made with your dad you discussed almost everything except death and finances. Even though you can share memories of your childhood and stories of his youth with your 87 year old father, there are still some subjects that are just too difficult to brach. For instance, when he talks about the fact that both you and your sister are now listed with your mother in law on the insurance policy and investments, you cannot find the courage to talk about the money problems that you are facing. And when he talks about his feat that he might die before his wife, you cannot bring yourself to have a conversation about the end of life decisions that might need to be made.
If you are like most families, it is very likely that you can spend an entire weekend together, or a week long car trip, and never really dive into the subjects that matter the most. For this reason, it is often in your best interest to find out if there are local Continue reading