What to do when you’re pulled over with a DUI charge

Your bad decision got a whole lot worse when those flashing lights pulled up behind you. Now you’ve found yourself booked and charged with a crime and you’re not entirely sure where to go from this point. All that you know is that you’re in major trouble and you need to do something fast. Considering that a DUI conviction can cost more than $20,000 perhaps the first thing you want to do is find yourself a good DUII attorney. This isn’t something that is going to be simply a slap on the wrist and going into the courtroom without a criminal defense attorney could be one of your worst decisions to make.

Legal representation can be a difficult water to muddle through while you’re already trying to figure out what to do now that you’ve been charged with a crime. Thankfully for you, there are about 1,315,561 lawyers within the United States and many of them have dealt with DUI cases prior to yours. Finding a DUII attorney is easy, but you do want to be sure that they are someone who kn Continue reading