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  • 10 Steps to Take if You’ve Been Evicted

    10 Steps to Take if You’ve Been Evicted

    Economic losses are sometimes inevitable, and almost always unforeseeable. Nobody ever plans to lose their job or source of income. Even in the best of circumstances, the threat of accidents, sickness, or a death in the family, can trigger a downward financial spiral. For about 2.3 million Americans each year, including families, losing their source […]

  • Do Not Ignore a Workplace Injury Get What You Are Owed

    When you are dealing with a work place injury, what does it take to get the compensation you deserve? While your case may seem straight forward, is it? Suffering from an injury while on the job requires that a liability claim, otherwise known as a workers compensation claim, is processed. You should also receive benefits […]

  • Are You Looking for a Construction Attorney?

    When most people drive by a construction site they comment on what the new building will be. Is it going to be a bank? A restaurant? A new set of apartments? In the middle of trying to guess what the building will be, however, not very many consider the workers who are completing this structure. […]

  • Two Instances Where Atlanta Law Firm Might Be Your Only Chance At Freedom

    For some people, gaining freedom from a legal perspective means winning a criminal case n order to prevent or reduce a jail sentence with the help of an Atlanta DUI attorney. For others, it means bailing out of a bad marriage with the assistance of Atlanta divorce attorneys. Regardless of what sort of legal issues […]