The Terminology You Need to Know Going Into a Personal Injury Case

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For laypeople whose only contact with the legal system has come through watching Law and Order or late-night auto accident injury attorneys’ infomercials, it can be confusing to dive into the world of tort law and personal injury lawsuits. Unfortunately, workplace or auto injury lawsuits are often the only way to get fair injury settlements to cover medical expenses that weren’t your fault. So how can you navigate the system? The best option, of course, is to hire an experienced accident injury attorney who can guide you through the process and help you make the wisest decisions. But it never hurts to educate yourself a little, too. There’s no better place to start than Continue reading

Do You Know How Many Car Accidents Texting Causes?

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Did you know, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans get into 10.8 million car accidents every year? You might think that, with over 200 million drivers on the roads, 10.8 million is a pretty good number, that it shows that Americans are pretty safe drivers. However, what if you were to hear that more than 36,000 people lose their lives every year as the result of a car accident? What if you found out that number is growing?

For the most part, car accidents result in minor vehicular damage and some physical injury to drivers. That’s why, according to statistics from the Legal Finance Journal, personal injury trials represent over 60% of all the 30,000 tort cases that go to trial annually. As you might imagine, this keeps auto accident lawyers plenty busy throughout the year.

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